Stay calm and re-asses your mortgage.
Why now, more than ever, is the right time to refinance.




Sean White

Director of Lending

You’ve decluttered every room in the house, the kids are climbing the walls and last night you finished your last bottle of wine. There's no denying that right now, things are a little unsettling. COVID-19 has well and truly affected our Aussie way-of-life and things we once took for granted have been temporarily been put on hold.

But what does it mean for your finances?

In times of financial pressure, you need to cut costs. For most Australians, mortgage repayments are the largest expense each month. So right now, is the perfect opportunity to take the extra time you have and let us guide you through the process to saving you money.  And with our help, you can spend your time in isolation doing exactly what you want to do (No judgement!).


Refinancing can be confusing; we make it simple

When  purchasing your first home, the whole process can feel overwhelming.

When refinancing your mortgage, there’s a lot to consider. There are fees involved, a constant backwards and forwards with the bank, collating mountains of paperwork and, of course, having to be an expert negotiator in every interaction. Now, times that by the number of banks you want to compare and you’re left with a headache and maybe a slightly better deal.

At Hargate Advisory we not only save you the legwork going between banks; we can often also negotiate a better deal, ensuring you end up with a mortgage that helps you reach your goals faster.

In some cases, we’ll also cover 100% of the account fees for the first 12-months, the cherry on top.

Remember, as a customer you pay absolutely zero for our services, and you’ll end up saving thousands over the life of your loan.


Benefits of refinancing your home loan

  • Secure a better interest rate and lower your monthly repayments to free up cash in your family’s budget
  • Reduce your overall loan amount so you can pay off your loan faster
  • Access equity to buy an investment property, renovate or build
  • Consolidate your high-interest credit cards, personal and car loans

In short; refinancing puts more money in your pocket


Why use a mortgage broker?

  • Securing mortgages is what we do day-in-day out, so we’re experts
  • We do the work of comparing lenders and applying for you
  • We have access to a wider range of loans
  • Our priority is securing you the loan (it’s how we are then paid by the lender) so we work for you
  • Mortgages can be confusing; we explain things in plain English so you know what you’re getting

Why work with Hargate Advisory?

Hargate_Advisory_Team (2)

At Hargate Advisory, we're focused on helping you gain the advantage on your home loan, all at no cost to you.

  • Access a broader range of bank options and rates than the big-4 alone
  • Cost-free service (we're paid by the lender only when a loan is secured)
  • Over 15 years' experience in all areas of lending
  • Personalised service from our director
  • Work with a boutique mortgage brokerage who understands your goals and wants to help you achieve them

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